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 Gavalohori is approximately 2 kilometres inland from Almyrida and 3 kilometres from Vamos. Gavalohori is a large old village which is officially protected because of its long history and importance in the surrounding area.

There are some 600 permanent residents in Gavalohori which – because of its size – is a ‘living’ village with amenities available all year round.

History tells us that it is named after the Byzantine family Gavalodon who lived there about 1200AD! There are buildings still remaining from this era and from the Venetian and Turkish occupations which followed. Artifacts from these times and the earlier Minoan and Neolithic times are housed in the Historical and Folklore Museum down a side street from the lovely square.

Gavalohori sits in a small valley surrounded by hills which are clad with pine trees. Driving along the road from Almyrida into the village always reminds me of being in the Austrian Tyrol - particularly when the mountains are topped with snow.